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Аудио музыканта SilMi

SilMi - Solo Fly
SilMi - Allegory
SilMi - Mirage
SilMi - Eternity (Outro)
SilMi - Wave.MP3
SilMi - Strings of the Soul.MP3
SilMi - Murena Marona.MP3
SilMi - Mister August.MP3
SilMi - Dance of Butterflies.MP3
SilMi - Creation.MP3
SilMi - A Confused Dream.MP3
SilMi - Photon (Outro)
SilMi - Underwater light
SilMi - Your smile
SilMi - Zarya-Zaryanica and Hors
SilMi - Vesta
SilMi - Lada
SilMi - Vane (Intro)
SilMi - Antares
SilMi - She was a White Wolf (Intro)

Фото музыканта SilMi

Видео музыканта SilMi

Информация музыканта SilMi

Hi! My name is Svetlana (aka Silvery Midge).
Born in 1978 in Russia.
SilMi - an abstract electronic music project from Russia, founded in 2002.
Abstract music is quite different and combines variety genres and styles.
Music is life, and exactly life is an inspiration.
The life on our planet from a small insect to a whale, space life, macro world, mind, soul - all of them have their color and tones. Every note has its own color and shade as well as every creature has an own sound and every soul has an own world. As an every instrument has a creator's soul, the every composition has a piece of the composer's soul.

My music projects:
SilMi - an abstract electronic musicproject, founded in 2002 by Svetlana aka Silvery Midge.

Altelia - an electronic music project from Russia, founded in 2005 by Svetlana aka Silvery Midge.
Altelia is specialized in ambient, IDM, techno, electronica, minimal, instrumental.
Yulanja - an experimental electronic music project from Russia founded in 2017 by Svetlana aka Silvery Midge

Vocal project Silmilaa

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