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31.01.1981 - настоящее время
Американский певец, автор песен, композитор, продюсер, танцор и актёр. Обладатель четырёх премий «Эмми» и девяти премий «Грэмми». Джастин Тимберлейк пришёл к славе в качестве одного из солистов бой-бэ...

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Американский певец, автор песен, композитор, продюсер, танцор и актёр. Обладатель четырёх премий «Эмми» и девяти премий «Грэмми». Джастин Тимберлейк пришёл к славе в качестве одного из солистов бой-бэнда ’N Sync. В 2002 году он выпустил свой первый сольный альбом Justified, проданный более 8 миллионов копий по всему миру. Вторым соло-релизом Джастина стал альбом FutureSex/LoveSounds, который был выпущен в 2006 году и включил в себя такие успешные синглы как «SexyBack», «My Love» и «What Goes Around... Comes Around», ставшие хитами № 1 в США. К январю 2008 года FutureSex/LoveSounds разошёлся более чем 8 миллионами копий. Тимберлейк продал более 18 миллионов копий своих двух соло-альбомов...

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Новости Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake
25 июн 2020

It’s been over 100 DAYS and still no justice for #BreonnaTaylor... Today in solidarity with @untilfreedom, we demand that @DanielJayCameron arrest and charge Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, Myles Cosgrove and Joshua Jaynes.⠀

We also demand that state representatives Joni Jenkins and senator Morgan McGarvey present a statewide ban on No-Knock Warrants.⠀

Link in the third slide will draft emails to local officials for you. Adding it to my bio too. ⠀
#JusticeForBreonnaTaylor #SAYHERNAME

Justin Timberlake
24 июн 2020

Tiffany Dena Loftin, NAACP

Tiffany Dena Loftin, the Director of the NAACP Youth & College Division, is a powerful voice for young people, and I encourage everyone to please listen and hear how she is mobilizing… More


Justin Timberlake
24 июн 2020

Stacey Abrams, Founder of Fair Fight

Stacey Abrams is a rockstar and needs no introduction. Please listen, and follow Fair Fight Action and Fair Count to learn more about what we can do to work for fair, free elections.


Justin Timberlake
24 июн 2020

Rashad Robinson, President of Color of Change

As you may have seen on my Instagram, I've been to sharing my channels with the leadership of some of the organizations I posted about the other week... people who… More

Please turn your volume up for Rashad Robinson, the president of Color Of Change.


Justin Timberlake
23 июн 2020

Listen to my guy Anderson .Paak speak the truth. #LOCKDOWN

Jay Rock wt the verse of the year? 🤔

I can’t thank y’all enough. To everybody who shared the video, listened to the song and or had any parts of putting this together. Endless thank yous. I’m overwhelmed by the… More

Justin Timberlake
21 июн 2020

Boys grow up to be fathers. I think about that a lot these days. We try to teach our son to love and to respect everyone — we teach him that all people are all created equal, and that no one should be treated differently because of the color of their skin. We teach him this because one day, he will go on to teach his kids the same. It’s a cycle. And right now, as we all work to undo generations of discrimination that have plagued our system and our communities across this country... I’m reminded today that the first lessons start at home. Im grateful for both of my dads and my mother for teaching me those lessons from the beginning. And for listening to me when I had something to say that they hadn’t learned. I pray for that humility with my own son. I’m grateful for my wife, who made me a father, and is my favorite person/partner/teacher/friend in all of it. I’m grateful for my son, who is always ALWAYS teaching me right back. ⠀

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Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. While we owe our sons and daughters these lessons in the places where the doors close at night, I hope you are as inspired as I am to make them THE TRUTH in the places that same door opens every morning and we send them out to discover. There’s more to do. And we are built for it. After all, we are the Dads. Sending my love to you and yours.

Justin Timberlake
20 июн 2020

Today @TiffanyDLoftin, the Director of the @NAACP Youth & College Division is posting from my page. She is a powerful voice for young people, and I encourage everyone to please listen and hear how she is mobilizing the next generation to dismantle racism in our homes, in our schools, and in our workplaces. People like Tiffany make me hopeful for the future of this country. @naacpyc_ #blacklivesmatter

Justin Timberlake
19 июн 2020

Listen to my guy @anderson._paak speak the truth. He released #LOCKDOWN last night in honor and in celebration of #Juneteenth.  The people are rising. Link in my bio - go watch 💯🙌🏼

Justin Timberlake
15 июн 2020

As a dad, this photo hurts. #RayshardBrooks was a father of three girls...1, 2, and 8 years old. He should not be dead. ⠀

Neither should #RiahMilton, #DominiqueFells, and #RobertFuller. This week, these four innocent people became victims of racism, violence, and intolerance. And we’re still waiting for Justice for #BreonnaTaylor. I’m heartbroken for their families and for this country.⠀

The system needs to change... it has repeatedly shown us that Black people in America are not safe. I’ll follow up with more resources and ways to help. #BlackLivesMatter

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Justin Timberlake
5 июн 2020

Yesterday I was happy to hear the other three officers were charged in the death of #GeorgeFloyd but today we continue to mourn with the family. I send my sincere condolences and prayers to them. We also know no one has yet to be charged in the death of #BreonnaTaylor so there is more work to do to bring her justice. There are crucial organizations on the ground who are doing the work to get her justice and do the work to end systematic racism. Please follow, donate and support their hard work. @colorofchange, @naacp, @mvmnt4blklives, @blackfutureslab, @byp100....

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